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Mamas & Papas recalls child car seats

December 7, 2016

After extensive investigation, independent testing, and risk assessment Mamas & Papas have issued a product recall in relation to child car seats procured by Mamas & Papas from Jeenay (UK) Limited.

Mamas & Papas car seat

The following models are affected:

  • Aureus 123
  • Altair 123
  • Nembus 123 and
  • M & P 123

These seats were sold by Mamas & Papas to Asda, Tesco and Shop Direct for sale to consumers by these retailers. None of the affected car seats have been on sale since March 2015.

What to do:

If you have purchased the above seat, you should immediately stop using the product and call Mamas & Papas dedicated free helpline on 1-800-947-241.

Mamas & Papas advise that a designated courier service will collect the car seat or bring the car seat into a Mamas & Papas store for a refund or a suitable replacement product in either case.  If you purchased your car seat from Asda, Tesco or Shop Direct, please still contact Mamas & Papas directly.


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