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LG Electronics Advisory Notice

January 19, 2016

LG is aware of a minor issue that under exceptional conditions affects a small number of LG 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines.

LG 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machine

A short circuit can be created in certain circumstances, due to water getting in behind the control panel. This causes the chrome area attached to the front, known as the decal, to become live and users may receive a mild electric shock.

It is important to note that the voltage in the control panel is not at mains potential but at a voltage less than half, meaning that there is no possible harmful effect.

The affected machines are the LG 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines which have a model number commencing with F12U1 or F14U1.

Not all machines are affected, just machines with batch or serial numbers beginning with the following:

405KW 510PW
412KW 404KW
501PW 510KW


To check if your LG 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machine is one of the affected models, check the serial  plate (pictured below) the model number and the serial number are displayed there.

LG Washing Machine Serial Plate

What to do:

Customers who require more information should contact the LG customer service team directly by telephone on 01 686 9454

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