What type of current account is right for you?

Before opening your new account, you should think about what you need from it. Reviewing how you use your current account can help you choose the best option for you:

Look at your recent bank statements to see:

  • the type of transactions you make
  • how often you take out cash
  • how often you visit your branch

Do you want access to a branch in your local area?

Some current accounts are now fully online with no branch services in Ireland. Companies called Fintechs offer these accounts. If you want to visit a branch, look at which providers have branches and where.

Do you use cash?

Charges for ATM cash withdrawals vary. Check the fees providers charge if you regularly withdraw money from an ATM.

What kind of payments do you make and what kind of fee structure suits you best?

The charges from providers vary. Some providers charge for chip and pin payments. Some providers charge for online transactions. Check the charges for the payments you usually make. How you pay fees on your current account will be different depending on the provider. Some providers charge a flat fee, for example €5 per month. Other providers charge you for each transaction, in and out of your account.

Do you use an overdraft?

Overdrafts are only offered by certain providers. An overdraft is a credit facility and will require a credit check.

Do you need a joint account?

Not all providers offer joint accounts.

Do you want to manage your banking from your mobile phone?

Not all providers allow you to fully manage your banking from your mobile phone.

Do you use your phone or watch to make payments?

You may make payments on your phone or smartwatch using Google Pay or Apple Pay. Not all current accounts offer these services.

Top Tip

Use our current account comparison Money Tool to compare the costs and benefits of different current accounts.

Last updated on 19 July 2022