Given the potential dangers of hoverboards, please read the information below if you are thinking about getting one. Hoverboards are also called balance scooters, self-balance or self-balancing scooters, balance wheels, airboards and oxboards.

Because of the potential risk of fire, never leave a hoverboard charging unattended, especially overnight.

I am thinking of buying a hoverboard, what should I look out for?

  • Given the potential dangers, don’t buy one without proof that it meets the required safety legislation.
  • Look for a CE mark but don’t rely on it solely, as the mark may be fake. The CE mark should be visible and easy to read.
  • Check the box, charger and the hoverboard for markings or traceable information; such as the name and full contact details of the manufacturer and/or importer. If this information is missing, do not buy it.
  • Make sure the plug attachment has an approved three-pin plug which meets the requirements of the Irish Standard I.S. 401 of 1997, or the equivalent British Standard BS 1363 plugs and socket-outlets, adapters and connection units. Also check the manufacturer’s details are on the plug.
  • To make sure the manufacturer is genuine, check that the product comes with a manual and instructions for use. If the manual or instructions have spelling mistakes or don’t make sense you should return the product to the seller straight away.
  • Be wary of buying these products on social media or on a website from someone you don’t know. You may be at risk of buying something which is very unsafe. If you do decide to buy a hoverboard online or on social media, check for online reviews and information about the business’s head office and check for an address and a landline phone number. Sites that have spelling mistakes in the product listing, or those without any positive reviews or reviews that look fake can be a sign that it is not a professional business.
  • Remember that if you buy from another consumer or private seller, your consumer rights don’t apply if you have a problem later on. You are only protected by consumer rights if you buy from a business.
  • If you are not sure that the product you are buying is safe, don’t spend your money on it.
  • If you bought a hoverboard and you have any concerns about its safety, ask the seller for proof that it meets Irish and European safety regulations and standards. If they cannot give this to you, ask for a refund.

Contact us

If you see any products you think are unsafe, contact us and let us know who was selling it and where by calling our consumer helpline on 01 402 5555.


Last updated on 22 March 2022