Children’s clothes

Cords and drawstrings in children’s clothes

Take care to avoid putting clothes which have cords and drawstrings on young children.

Children all over the world have suffered serious injuries and even death from accidents involving long cords and drawstrings on their clothes.  For example, children have been seriously injured in cases where cords on their clothes have gotten tangled in playground equipment or in bicycle wheels.

While it is against the law to place unsafe children’s clothes on the market, and there are standards manufacturers should follow, you should still take care when choosing clothes for children.

To ensure that your child is not at risk from unsafe clothes, take a look at the tips below.

Some useful tips:
  • Avoid cords and drawstrings in young children’s clothes, especially if they trail below the sleeve or hem of the clothing.
  • Young children’s clothes should not have cords or drawstrings in the hood or neck area.
  • Cords in the hood and neck area should not be elastic.
  • Avoid children’s clothes that tie at the front with long belts or sashes.
  • Ensure functional cords at the end of clothing and decorative cords at the bottom hem of long-legged trousers are stitched and secured on the inside of the garment.
  • Homemade children’s clothes should also meet these requirements.

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