Scams – what to watch out for

A scam is a scheme designed to con you out of your money or your personal details such as your bank account details, PIN numbers or internet banking login details.


Phishing is when scammers try and get your personal details like bank account and debit/credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, access codes or other sensitive information.

Rental accommodation scams

When looking for a property to rent, either as your home or when you go on holiday, the last thing you want is to become a victim of a scam and lose your money. We have tips for you to make your renting experience as safe as possible and avoid being scammed.

Pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemes promise you quick and easy money in return for cash. But they are actually designed to con you into investing significant amounts of money which can never be recovered.

Phone, lottery and pension scams

There are many ways that scammers will try to get money from you. Some common types of scams include premium rate calls, fake lottery scams and pension investments.

Online ticket scams

Scammers often target people who are looking for tickets for a concert, show, sporting event or music festival, especially when tickets are in high demand. They might sell you fake tickets that you won’t be allowed to use at the …

Card and ATM scams

Scammers use a variety of ways such as skimming and trapping, to steal your money or buy things using your card or a copy of your card.

Health and beauty scams

These types of scams often involve the sale of a product or service at a reduced price or claim the product is a miracle cure for weight loss, baldness or a serious conditions like cancer.

Last updated on 28 June 2021