Product Safety

Product safety

Product safety

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is responsible for the safety of a wide range of non-food consumer products covered by five EU Directives and the regulations coming out of these.

Product recalls

Details of the latest product recalls in Ireland.

Child safety

Safety tips for toys, window blinds and children’s clothes. Information and safety warnings about amber teething jewellery.

Safety tips for tumble dryers

Top ten safety tips for tumble dryers.


Given the potential dangers of hoverboards, please read the information below if you are thinking about getting one. Hoverboards are also called balance scooters, self-balance or self-balancing scooters, balance wheels, airboards and oxboards. Because of the potential risk of fire, …

Gas and electrical appliance safety

Gas, electrical and electronic products for use in the home must comply with , and they must carry the CE mark. Faulty gas or electrical products can lead to serious injury or death – gas appliances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, …


If children climb on furniture it could tip over and cause them serious harm. Young children can pull themselves up on a TV stand and cause it to fall on them.  Read our tips below on how to keep your …


Always buy chargers from a reputable retailer and check that they have the CE mark. Get a good quality charger for electronic equipment. With poor quality chargers there is a higher risk of electrocution, fire or damage to the device. Don’t …


Most people are aware about the danger of sun exposure to the skin, but many are not aware that the sun’s rays can also damage human eyes.  Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun may be dangerous to the eyes, especially …

Safety tips for Halloween

Tips on what to watch out for when shopping for costumes and props for Halloween.

Safety tips for Christmas

Tips on staying safe with toys and decorations at Christmas.


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