Product safety

Information to help you work out if what you are buying is safe.

Product safety

Find out who is responsible for product safety, what to do if you find an unsafe product or if you are affected by a product safety recall.

Product recalls

Find out the latest recall notifications from manufacturers and distributors for unsafe products.

Child safety

Safety tips for toys, window blinds and children’s clothes. Information and safety warnings about amber teething jewellery.

Tumble dryers

Read our tips for using your tumble dryer safely.


Read our information before you shop for a hoverboard so that you don’t face safety or fire issues down the road.


Faulty gas or electrical products can cause serious injury or death. Read our information to make sure your appliances are not a safety hazard.


Everyday items such as furniture can pose a risk to children. Read our tips on how to make your home safer.


Unsafe chargers have been the cause of fatal fires in Ireland. Read our tips for buying and using electrical chargers safely.


In order to protect your eyes, sunglasses must meet certain safety standards. Find out what to look out for.


Read our tips on what to watch out for when shopping for costumes and props for Halloween.


Read our tips to make sure you play it safe with toys and decorations at Christmas.