Safety tips for Halloween

  • When shopping for costumes and props for Halloween, make sure you check that they have the CE mark before you buy
  • Children’s costumes are currently classified as toys so you should watch out for the CE mark when you are buying them
  • All masks and other Halloween props should have a visible CE mark
  • If you are buying face paints which are marketed at children (for example have a picture of the child on the packaging) then they should have a CE mark. Always check the packaging displays clear ingredients in English
  • If you are buying props for your child’s costume these may not be classified as toys and therefore may not be safe for your child
  • Novelty Halloween lighting similar to Christmas lights are now popular to buy. All electrical products sold in the EU must comply with safety standards and have a visible CE mark
  • Avoid lighting any candles for Halloween around your home as this will ensure your child will be safe in their costume and won’t be at risk of a hazardous flame
  • Remember, fireworks are illegal, as well as dangerous

We have lots more information on general product safety, including toys and children’s clothes.

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