Changing your mortgage

Payment breaks

In certain circumstances you may be able to take a break from making your mortgage repayments if you have an unexpected drop in income, you are in danger of going into arrears or you have additional expenses. When your repayments …

Extending the term

If you are experiencing difficulties making your mortgage repayments, your lender may be willing to extend the term of your mortgage. This would reduce the amount you pay back every month. But as the term of your mortgage will be …

Paying extra

If you have a variable-rate mortgage, you can reduce your mortgage (without any penalties) in a couple of ways. However, if you have a fixed rate mortgage, you may be charged a penalty if you want to pay extra money off your mortgage.

Mortgage top-up

If you already have a mortgage you may be able to increase or top-up your mortgage to extend or improve your home, cover educational expenses or give a parental gift. Some mortgage lenders may allow you to use a mortgage …

Consolidating debts

Debt consolidation means putting all your outstanding loans into one loan.

Switching from a sub-prime mortgage

With a you are probably paying a higher rate of interest than you would with most other mortgage types but you may be able to switch mortgage providers and save money. If your mortgage is 80% or less than the …

Trading up or trading down

Take a look at our information for if you are trading up or trading down.

Last updated on 22 June 2023