Getting financial advice

When might I need financial advice and how can an adviser can help me?

A financial adviser may be able to help you with: investing or saving your money planning for your retirement making the most of a lump sum of money such as a redundancy payment or an inheritance buying a property or …

Where to find a regulated and qualified financial adviser with relevant experience

The key to finding a financial adviser is to work out what type of financial advice you are looking for. For example, do you want advice on investments or pensions? Once you have figured this out, complete our choosing a …

Meeting your financial adviser

Prepare for your meeting with a financial adviser, find out what questions to ask and what to look out for.

How much the advice will cost?

Charges can vary depending on the type of advice you are getting. Financial advisers generally get paid by: Commission – Where a financial adviser receives payment or a bonus from the financial service provider whose products they sell, they usually …

How do I make a complaint about a financial adviser?

If you are not happy with any aspect of the service from your financial adviser, you should put a complaint in writing to them setting out your issue and how you would like them to resolve it. If you are …

Last updated on 13 August 2021

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