Getting insurance quotes

Insurance markets change all the time and you can save quite a lot of money by shopping around for the best quote. Certain types of insurance, like home, car, health and general liability insurance, have to be renewed every year. …

Car insurance

If you drive a motor vehicle, by law you must have motor insurance. It is a criminal offence to drive without motor insurance. If caught you may have to pay fines, get penalty points and be disqualified from driving.

Home insurance

You are not legally obliged to take out home insurance but if you have a mortgage, your lender can insist that you have buildings insurance so that you can afford to rebuild your home if it is destroyed.

Life insurance

Life insurance policies pay a lump sum to a person you name (for example, your spouse or dependants) if you die during the term of the policy

Mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage protection insurance is a life insurance policy that pays off your mortgage if you or your partner die during the term of the mortgage. It runs for the same length of time as your mortgage.

Payment protection insurance

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is insurance that will pay out a sum of money to help you cover your monthly repayments on mortgages, loans, credit/store cards or catalogue payments if you are unable to work. This may be as a …

Health insurance

Health insurance covers medical or hospital expenses if you get sick, have an accident or need an operation.

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance pays out a regular cash payment that replaces part of your lost income if you can’t work due to a medium to long-term illness or disability. It can also be called ‘permanent health insurance’ (PHI) – but is not …

Whole of life insurance

Some insurers offer life policies that insure you for your whole life, or for as long as you want to keep paying premiums. The cost of these policies is higher than with basic term life insurance and can increase at regular intervals. …

Serious illness insurance

Serious illness insurance pays you a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses or disabilities that your policy covers. It is also sometimes called ‘critical illness cover’. It is often sold as an extra …

Travel insurance

If you are travelling, you should consider getting travel insurance. It can cover you against losses such as damaged or delayed luggage, cancelled flights, delayed or missed departure, loss or theft of money or passport, and illness or injury. Many policies include …

Pet insurance

For many people, pets are part of the family. Taking care of your pet may involve bringing them to the vet from time to time for a check-up or routine procedure like a vaccination. As well as the routine visits, …

Gadget insurance

If you buy a new phone, camera or laptop, you may want to take out gadget insurance to cover the cost of replacing it.

Making an insurance claim

This section has information to help you if you need to make an insurance claim: Step-by-step procedures The first thing you need to do is check your full policy (not just the summary) to see whether you are covered.  Remember, you …

Last updated on 28 June 2021

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