How to be Good with Money

Financial planner Eoin McGee presents the third personal finance series which sets out to make the nation more financially literate.

Managing your money

While managing your money effectively may seem difficult, there are lots of benefits to staying in control of your finances: You will know where your money is going and whether you are spending more than you can afford It will …

Financial health check

Use this sample health check as a guide for drawing up your financial year in review.

Money saving tips

There are plenty of ways to save money and it’s never too late to start! You can make big savings by following some simple steps to manage your money better. We have handy tips to help you save a few euro and get the best offers, from saving money on your car, phone, TV and groceries.

Life stages

Whether you’re going to college, moving in with a partner, having children or planning your retirement, find out how to budget for every stage of your life.

Last updated on 28 June 2021

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