Opening an account

What documentation do you need to open an account? Once you have decided on the type of account you want and choose a provider, you will have to fill out an application form. You should ask to keep a copy of your completed form …

Current accounts

Current accounts are the most common accounts available and are a convenient way to manage your money. Find out about choosing a current account and reducing your current account fees.

Budget accounts

A budget account helps you to spread out the cost of your bills over the year. You make a payment of a set amount into the budget account every week or month so the money is there to pay your …

Switching accounts

If you are unhappy with the service you are getting from your bank, or you think you are paying too much for your current account, you can easily switch to a new bank or building society. If you are thinking of switching, check …

Bank cards

There are several different types of bank cards available which allow you to access your money. Current accounts usually include the option of an ATM card and often a debit card.  Most banks offer both ATM and debit facilities on the one card. For more information …

Disputed card transaction (chargeback)

Sometimes you may want to dispute a card transaction. Find out about about chargebacks and how to request one.

Paying bills

You can use your bank account to pay for goods and services, or to pay your bills, by using: Direct debit The introduction of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) in March 2014 brought some changes to direct debits. Direct debits are now …

Transferring money

A credit transfer is an order from you to your bank to transfer an amount of money to another account. A credit transfer can be made by phone, on paper, or over the internet if your financial institution has an online …

Using money abroad

If you’re going abroad, whether for work or a holiday, it pays to give some thought to your finances. There are a number of ways you can access your money when abroad.


An overdraft is a loan you arrange through your current account. It allows you to spend more money than you have in your current account up to an agreed limit, known as the ‘overdraft limit’.

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