Explainer pension videos

Pensions are complex products and can be difficult to understand. In the videos below, Eoin McGee, host of CCPC-sponsored TV show How to be Good With Money, helps explain four pension-related topics.

How does compound interest work?

Compound interest is the interest you earn on both the money you invest in your pension pot and on the interest that your pension pot earns.

Tax benefits of a pension

Contributing to your pension enables you to benefit now and in the future. When you contribute to your pension, you will receive tax relief at source on those contributions, within limits set out by Revenue.

What is a PRSA?

A Personal Retirement Savings Plan (PRSA) is a type of personal pension. However, unlike other types of personal pensions, you do not have to be working to invest in a PRSA.

What is a defined contribution pension scheme?

A defined contribution pension is a type of occupational pension scheme. The value of a defined contribution pension depends on the amount of money you have invested (and your employer if they also contribute) and how the pension fund has performed over the years.

Last updated on 7 October 2021