Buying online

Before buying online

Buying online can be a quick and easy way to shop, but even if you’re shopping from your own home you still need to take steps to protect yourself online.

Your rights online

EU laws give you strong protection when you buy online. The Consumer Rights Directive covers you when you buy from businesses based in the EU, so remember to check the geographical address of any business that you are buying from.

If things don’t go as planned

If you have changed your mind and want to return the goods you bought, what should you do? If you’ve bought something from a business that is based in the EU, you are protected by EU law.

Buying online from an individual or auction site

If you buy something from an individual, either directly or through a website, you will not be protected by consumer law. Items sold in an online auction where the seller is another consumer are not covered by consumer law, so you do not have a cooling-off period or other consumer rights.

Buying from a non-EU website

If you buy something from a business that is based outside the EU, the Consumer Rights Directive does not apply. So before you buy, make sure to check the geographical address of business whose website you’re shopping on. A business’s …

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