Buying goods

Buying goods

What are your rights when you buy goods? When you buy something, you enter into a contract with the business who sells it to you.

Guarantees and warranties

A guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer confirming that they will repair or replace an item if something goes wrong within a certain amount of time after you buy it.

Shopping in the sales

You have the same rights shopping in the sales as you do at any other time of the year. Items sold in a sale should be of merchantable quality, fit for their intended purpose and as described to you. If an item is faulty, your rights do not change just because it was on sale.

Changing your mind

People change their mind about things they buy all the time. You might buy a shirt or dress in a shop and then decide when you get home that you don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit properly.


When you pay a deposit you are paying in part for a product (or service). Paying a deposit shows that you intend to buy the item and it means you are entering into a contract with the business.

Buying goods abroad

If you bought something while you were abroad and you have a problem with it now, there are several things you can do. Remember, if you buy something from a website that is based outside of Ireland, this is not the same as buying items in person abroad. We have information on shopping online to help you too.

Door-to-door sales

Sometimes salespeople call to your door selling products and services. This is known as a door-to-door sale or doorstep selling. These salespeople often represent a business like a gas or electricity company or they may be a tradesperson themselves, offering you services such as housekeeping or gardening.

Gadget insurance

Gadget insurance protects you from unexpected events such as loss, theft, and accidents which may lead to you having to pay for a repair or replacement of your device. It is completely optional so you should take the time to consider what is most suitable to your needs.

In-store credit

Some shops offer finance options to help you pay for items such as electrical appliances, computers or furniture. Like some personal loans, you pay the money back at a fixed rate over a fixed term.

Adulterated or watered-down alcohol

Adulterated alcohol is alcohol that has been tampered with in some way. This could be purchased by consumers through a business – such as in a pub or nightclub, and is most commonly associated with spirits (for example vodka, gin etc.).


A pawnbroker will lend you a sum of money where you provide an acceptable item as security on the loan. Jewellery is the main item that pawn brokers accept.

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