Faulty goods

What are my rights if I return something faulty?

Problems and faults can occur. The solution to the problem can depend on a number of things.

  • Did you examine the item and are you happy that it is what you agreed to buy?
  • Did you accept the item?
  • Did you use the item without any issues for a period of time?
  • Is the problem major or minor?
Did you know?
A major fault is one where the item does not work as it is supposed to. For example, a new washing machine that fills up with water but doesn’t spin or empty, or a new toaster that doesn’t heat up, would be major faults in these items. Generally speaking, if there is a fault with the appearance or finish of an item, or if the item has been scratched, this is a minor fault, as the item will still work and do what it is supposed to do.

Last updated on 28 June 2021