Rules on pricing 

Businesses and service providers must display their prices, and there are rules on how they must be displayed. You have the right to clear and accurate information on the prices of goods and services so that you can compare prices …

How prices are displayed

Product pricing Shops must clearly display prices in euro, on or near all products for sale. There are some exceptions to this: Items sold at auction. Goods sold loosely, where the final selling price can only be determined once the …

Price display for specific sectors

Certain businesses are required by law to display their prices so you can see them from outside or immediately inside the entrance to the premises. This is so you can decide if you are happy with the prices before you enter the premises.

Price control

In general, there are no controls on prices in Ireland. This means that, in most cases, there is no minimum or maximum price for goods or services. This is to allow competition among businesses.

Price promotions

When running price promotions or ‘special offers’, it’s against the law for businesses to give a false or misleading previous price. For example, if the business crosses out one price and replaces it with another, lower, price, the goods in …

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