Rules on pricing 

For most consumers, price is an important factor in deciding whether to buy goods or services. There are certain rules about the way prices are displayed which make sure that the price of goods and services is clear.

Price display for goods

What information should you be given? What is unit pricing? Can shops display a sterling price in Ireland? Can different shops charge different prices for the same product? Should the price include VAT?

Price information for services

Before you enter into a contract for a service to be carried out, businesses are required by law to give you information about the price of the service. This is to allow you to decide whether you want to buy the service and/or to compare prices for other similar services.

Wrong price displayed

What if a shop displays one price but charges a higher price – can you pay the lower price? Shops must display the correct price and ensure it is not misleading. This means that the price shown must be the price charged at the checkout. The same also applies to websites.

Price display for certain businesses

Certain businesses are required by law to display their prices so you can see them from outside or directly inside the entrance to the business. This is so you can decide if you are happy with the prices before you enter the premises.

Last updated on 28 June 2021