Brexit and your consumer rights

The UK is due to leave the EU. This information is based on a current understanding of how Brexit may impact your consumer rights. As there is further clarity on how Brexit will impact on your consumer rights, this information will be updated.

This information has been confirmed by the European Commission in a Factsheet on consumer rights in the event of “no deal”

Roaming charges within the EU were abolished in 2017. This means you can ‘roam like at home’ and pay the same for calls and texts as you would at home. If your bundle includes unlimited calls and texts, then you also have unlimited calls and texts in the EU. According to Comreg, roaming arrangements for EU citizens visiting the UK will depend on the relationship agreed between the UK and the EU. However, many mobile operators in Ireland have indicated that there will be no return to roaming charges for customers travelling to the UK after Brexit.


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