Rules on pricing

Businesses and service providers must display their prices, and there are rules on how they must be displayed. You have the right to clear and accurate information on the prices of goods and services so that you can compare prices and make informed choices.

Prices for goods sold in shops in Ireland are not controlled by law. This is to allow competition between businesses and service providers so that you can buy items at the best price for you.

All prices must be in euro but it is not against the law for businesses to also display prices in other currencies, or to charge a higher price in one country compared to another.

Businesses are required to ensure that prices displayed are accurate and not misleading. Put simply, the price displayed must be the same as the price charged at the till. This also applies to special offers.

If you find goods on sale with no price displayed or with the wrong price displayed, you should tell the business and also contact us.

Mistakes can happen!

If a business incorrectly labels something with the wrong price, and it is lower than the price charged at the till, you do not have an automatic right to buy the goods at the marked price. As long as the business tells you before your money is taken that the higher price applies, you can decide not to buy it.

It is not an offence for a business or service provider to increase their prices to take advantage of seasonal demand or a particular occasion, as long as the prices quoted to you are accurate.

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