Price display for specific sectors

Certain businesses are required by law to display their prices so you can see them from outside or immediately inside the entrance to the premises. This is so you can decide if you are happy with the prices before you enter the premises.

These businesses include:

  1. Service stations – which must have a roadside sign displaying the price per litre of petrol or diesel. The sign should be clearly visible from side of road and the price displayed on the sign must match the price charged at pump.
  2. Hairdressers and barber shops – must have a list of up-to-date prices for their services and these prices must be visible from the street or immediately inside the premises.
  3. Licensed premises – pubs, wine bars, hotel bars and other licensed premises – but not off-licences, where the normal rules for other types of shops apply. These premises must display two price lists:

A complete list of all drinks – this should be on display within each drinking area on the premises

A 16-item list of specified drinks – this should be on display at each public entrance to the premises

If a premises has more than one bar, each charging different prices, there must be a corresponding price list for each part of the premises. If the bar has a policy of increasing prices after a certain time, the prices on display should be those being charged at the later time.

  1. Restaurants and any other businesses that offer food for sale for consumption on the premises, must display prices outside or immediately inside each entrance. There are no legal regulations that apply to restaurant menus as these are provided at the discretion of the traders – but of course they should be the same as prices displayed outside or at the entrance.

The price display must indicate if there is:

  • A minimum charge
  • A service charge
  • A cover charge, a charge for entertainment or any similar charge

If a pub or hotel has an eating area, the food price display must be at each entrance to the premises or at each entrance to the catering area. Where different prices are charged at different times or days, these different prices must be specified. For takeaways, where items are not displayed on the price list, for example confectionary, their price must be displayed either on the products themselves or near them, as with other types of shops.



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