Report a business to the CCPC

You should consider making a complaint directly to the business first, as the issue might be a simple misunderstanding, and you should give the business the opportunity to put things right.

If you think a business has breached your consumer rights, you can report the business to us.

We deal with consumer contacts based on our prioritisation principles. This means that we focus on the areas that will bring the most benefit to consumers, businesses and the economy, as we do not have the resources to investigate every consumer contact that we receive. We also carry out a number of proactive visits to businesses each year to assess compliance, and take enforcement actions if they are warranted. The CCPC cannot intervene in individual contractual issues or mediate on behalf of consumers who are in dispute with a service provider.

This approach enables us to maximise our resources and ensure that we can tackle the many areas where there is large consumer detriment.

If you have a product which you feel is unsafe, contact us immediately with details about the product and where you bought it.

Last updated on 28 June 2021