Services bought on or before 28 November 2022

You have rights when you buy or use a service. This page covers your rights for services you bought on or before 28 November 2022. On that date new consumer rights laws came into force. If you bought or renewed on or after 29 November 2022, you can learn more about your rights on our buying services page.

What should you expect from a service?

Generally, with any service, you have the right to expect that:

  • The service you ordered is provided with proper care and attention
  • The business providing it has the appropriate skills to do the job
  • Any materials they use in the work are sound and fit for their purpose
  • Any goods they supply to you as part of the service should be of acceptable quality too

The right to clear information

There should be no hidden fees and charges when you go to sign up to a service. Where a business offers additional extras (e.g. car hire, accommodation services) during the booking process, you must actively opt in by ticking the box to select that item. Businesses must show clearly the total cost of the service, including any additional taxes or fees, before the order is placed.

The business must also give you the following information before you order:

  • The name and address of the supplier
  • The main characteristics of the service
  • How payment is to be made
  • How the service will be performed
  • That a right to cancel exists and how you can cancel
  • The minimum duration of the contract
  • How long it will be open to you to enter into the contract on these terms
  • The cost of the communication between the parties if it is above a basic rate
  • Any guarantees or after-sales services available
  • The conditions for terminating the contract if it is of unlimited duration or for longer than one year

This information should be given to you in a document that you can keep. It is up to the business to prove that you have received the information.

What to do if you have a problem?

If you have an issue with a service you should first contact the provider and ask them to address your issue. If your issue is still unresolved you may wish to then make a complaint to the business.

Last updated on 7 March 2023