Don’t get spooked into spending!

To ensure that you keep money in your pocket this Halloween, follow our spooky money saving tips:

Search online, there are a number of sites selling second-hand costumes and decorations – for example your local area may have a buy-and-sell forum on Facebook. You could find exactly what you’re looking for at a great price or even some ideas and inspiration.

Plan ahead, this gives you a chance to be creative. You can use everyday items in your own home to create an unforgettable costume for your child. Bed sheets can be used for everything from a cape to a spooky little ghost, or cutting holes into a cardboard box for arms and legs can be the beginning of a very interesting robot.

Organising a Halloween party? Instead of setting a menu, let the foods that are on sale dictate what will be served. Check out safefood for some healthy eating Halloween recipes. To add to the fun give the food you make scary sounding names, for example pasta could be “human brains”.

On the lead up to Halloween check your local Council’s website to see if there are any free events on that you could go to.

Keep empty jars. They can be transformed into a great Halloween decoration. You and the kids can paint them yellow, orange, white or red and add some ghoulish images for greater effect. Throw in a tea light and you have a very scary lantern. Keep candles out of reach from the smaller witches and goblins. And never leave lit candles unattended.

You can keep your children entertained by coming up with some fun and free games. For instance the ‘Mummy Wrap’ which involves splitting children into teams, give each team member a roll of bathroom tissue and have them wrap one of their team members up like a mummy. The winner is the team who is covered in tissue roll first.  Search online for other game ideas.

Halloween safety tip

Only buy children’s fancy dress costumes and Halloween toys that have a CE mark. The CE mark should appear on the product, in the instruction manual or on the packaging.

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