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Warning on Grasslin water timers

December 3, 2010

In 2005 a fault was identified with the back plate component of Grasslin QE7 electric water-heating timers, which could cause the units to overheat and go on fire.

While efforts have been made since then to replace or repair all affected units, some affected units in the homes of Irish consumers still have not been replaced or repaired.

Grasslin QE7 water-heating timer

What to do

If your home has a Grasslin QE7 electric water-heating timer which was not replaced (either complete unit or back plate) as part of this recall which started in November 2005, stop using the device immediately and do not use the main switch and boost buttons while sleeping or out of the house.

Please contact Mr Electric on freephone 0404-32904 or email to arrange for your unit to be replaced free of charge.

Please note that Grasslin QE7 timers which bear the ‘+’  mark as part of the product name are unaffected by this recall.

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