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Vtech recalls infant’s ‘Shake and Sing Elephant Rattle’

January 23, 2018

Vtech – ‘Shake and Sing Elephant Rattle’
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Vtech Electronics Europe plc is carrying out a voluntary recall of infants/children’s toy ‘Shake and Sing Elephant Rattle’.

An issue has been established and has been described as follows:

In case of strong torsion of the ear or of violent shock against a hard surface, it may happen that one ear of the rattle elephant breaks, exposing a metal rod. This metal rod remains attached to the toy but may perhaps cause some minor wounds on the skin of a young baby.”  

This product has been on sale in the Republic of Ireland in various toy and nursery stores throughout the country.

What to do:

If you have this product, then please return it to the store where you purchased it. The retailer should be aware of this recall and provide a full refund.

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