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Volvo recalls XC90, V90, V90CC and S90

March 9, 2017

Volvo is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain models of the XC90, V90, V90CC and S90.

The manufacturing periods are as follows:

S90 – 21/11/2016 to 01/03/2017

V90 – 21/11/2016 to 02/03/2017

V90CC – 06/12/22016 to 01/03/2017

XC90 – 21/11/2016 to 01/03/2017

The retaining bolts used to assemble the Inflatable Curtain (IC) may be broken.  Therefore the Inflatable Curtain may offer less protection in the event of an incident.  This may also cause noise inside the car over time.

This affects 251 vehicles in Ireland.

What to do:

Letters will be sent by Volvo to the owners of affected vehicles informing them of the recall and asking that they arrange for an appointment to have the required work completed. You can also contact your nearest Volvo dealer to enquire if your vehicle is affected. Any work carried out as part of this recall will be completed free of charge. You can contact the Volvo Customer Relations team on 01-4631220.

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