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Volvo recalls V40, V40CC, S60, V60, V70 and S80

October 27, 2016

Volvo is carrying out a voluntary recall of the following models (with the listed manufacturing periods):

V40:               15/01/2013 – 20/04/2015

V40CC:           06/02/2012 – 21/04/2015

S60:                05/07/2010 – 17/04/2015

V60:               01/07/2010 – 20/04/2015

V70:               27/05/2010 – 17/04/2015

S80:                28/05/2010 – 05/05/2015

There is a problem with the exhaust manifold gasket and coolant bypass valve. The concern involves the engine warm-up process and occurs during certain driving and climate conditions, such as periods of high acceleration or high engine load immediately after a cold start, specifically in colder climates.

This problem could result in coolant leakage or oil seepage with the subsequent possibility, in a worst-case scenario, of smoke or a slow developing fire in the engine compartment.

What to do:

Letters will be sent by Volvo to the owners of affected vehicles informing them of the recall and asking that they arrange for an appointment to have the required work completed. You can also contact your nearest Volvo dealer to enquire if your vehicle is affected. Any work carried out as part of this recall will be completed free of charge. You can contact the Volvo Customer Relations team on 01-4631220.

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