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Volvo Car Ireland Limited recalls certain Passenger vehicles

August 14, 2019

Volvo Car Ireland Limited is carrying out a voluntary recall of a number of Volvo Passenger vehicles which are listed below;

Volvo Models: S80, S60, V70, XC70, V60, XC60, V60CC, V40, V40CC, S90, V90

The vehicles in question were manufactured between 2012 and 2018. There are 5,225 vehicles affected on the Irish Market.

Volvo Car Ireland Limited has established that there is a possibility that under specific driving conditions the engine’s plastic inlet manifold may melt and deform. Drivers may notice unusual engine operation, including, but not limited to, the engine management light being lit, an engine interruption, or lack of power or notice an unusual smell.

What to do:

Volvo Car Ireland Limited will be writing directly to those consumers affected by this recall.

The letter will advise consumers affected by this recall to contact their nearest Volvo Dealer. Volvo Car Ireland Limited can be contacted on: 01-4631220 or alternatively, by using the following online form.

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