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Volkswagen recall Audi Q5

May 9, 2015

Volkswagen Group Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain Audi Q5 models built with panoramic sunroofs, which were produced between 2010 and 2016.

Audi AG have established during on-going product quality analysis, that if the water drain in the area of the panoramic sunroof is not functioning properly, water can potentially seep into the vehicle’s headliner (Roof Cloth). Where a certain level of moisture accumulates, the foam adjacent to the pressure cylinder of the curtain airbag can become wet. This can cause corrosion on the pressure cylinder.

This affects 747 cars in Ireland.

What to do:

Audi Ireland will be writing directly to relevant Q5 owners to arrange to have their vehicles checked. The letter will advise owners to contact their nearest authorized Audi service centre, which will carry out the check, and if needed, any rectification free of charge. You can also contact Audi Ireland customer care directly on: 1850 812 760

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