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Volkswagen Ireland recalls Touareg vehicles

April 5, 2016

Volkswagen Ireland is recalling a number of Volkswagen Touareg vehicles built between January 2011 and March 2016.

The spindle of the brake pedal mounting may move out of its mounting because of a missing circlip on the pedal cluster. Especially when braking hard it may not be possible to maintain the forces generated and hard braking may not be held. In this unlikely event, there is a danger of an accident.

There are 431 vehicles affected in Ireland.

What to do:

Volkswagen Ireland will be writing directly to those owners involved in the recall to arrange to have their vehicles checked. The letter will advise you to contact your nearest authorised Volkswagen Service Centre who will carry out the check and if needed the rectification, free of charge.

You can also contact Volkswagen Ireland directly on: 1850 812 761.

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