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Universal Honda Ltd recalls certain passenger vehicles

September 27, 2019

Universal Honda Ltd is carrying out a voluntary recall on certain models of its Accord, Civic, CR-V,FR-V, Element, Jazz, Insight, Legend, Odyssey and Stream passenger vehicles.

These vehicles were manufactured between January 2001 and December 2015.

This recall effects 5,954 vehicles in the Republic of Ireland. 

The safety issue identified, is that in the event of an impact where the airbag is deployed, the inflator part of the airbag may ignite, in such a manner, that it creates excessive internal pressure. As a result, the metal inflator casing may rupture causing metal fragments to be propelled through the airbag and into the vehicle compartment. This may result in injuries to  vehicle occupants.

What to do:

Universal Honda Ltd will be writing directly to those customers effected by this recall, to arrange to have

The letter will advise consumers  to contact their nearest Honda Dealer who will arrange to do the repair free of charge. For more information please contact Universal Honda Ltd on:  (01) 642 3100. 


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