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Toyota Recalls Model CHR

November 16, 2017

Toyota Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of the model of CHR which were manufactured between June 2016 to October 2017.

Toyota have identified a safety issue whereby there is a possibility that the skid control ECU may incorrectly identify a small increase in circuit resistance caused by an expected oxide film on the electric parking brake (EPB) motor as an open circuit. This can typically occur when the EPB has not been operated for a period of time. As such the illumination of the warning lights will appear and a message displayed which states: EPB Malfunction. This can result in an inability to release the parking brake. In some cases, it can prevent the parking brake from being applied.

There are 1246 Toyota vehicles affected currently on the Irish market.

What to do

Toyota Ireland will be contacting consumers affected by this recall, by letter. Should consumers need any further information, please contact Toyota Ireland on the following telephone number: 01 419 0222.


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