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Toyota recalls Corolla

February 28, 2017

Toyota Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain models of the Corolla manufactured between November 2001 and June 2004.

The subject vehicles are equipped with a driver’s front air bag with a single stage inflator. There is a possibility that the density of the propellant in the inflator could be reduced over time from the effects of high temperature cycling and moisture within the propellant and its sealed container. This may cause the propellant to become degraded. If this were to occur, the inflator could rupture in the event of the deployment of the driver’s front air bag injuring the occupants of the vehicle.

There are 18,170 affected vehicles on the Irish market.

What to do:

Toyota Ireland will be writing directly to those customers involved in this recall to arrange to have the repair carried out.  The letter will advise you to contact your nearest Toyota Dealer/Authorised Repairer who will arrange to do the repair free of charge. Toyota Ireland can be contacted on: 01 4190222.

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