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Toyota Ireland recalls Verso

February 9, 2016

Toyota Ireland are carrying out a voluntary recall of certain models of the Verso.

The affected models were produced between 02/01/2014 and 03/02/2016.

There are 206 vehicles affected in Ireland.

There is a possibility that under certain conditions condensed water in the intake air can enter the throttle body actuator circuit, the water may cause a throttle body position misreading or short circuit. This might trigger the engine to stall while driving.

What to do:

Toyota Ireland will be writing directly to those owners involved to arrange to have the repair carried out by their local dealer/Authorised repairer at a time convenient for them and at no cost to the owner. If you have a query you should contact your local Toyota Dealer/Authorised repairer or Toyota Ireland directly on 01-419 0222. 

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