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Toyota Ireland recalls certain Starlet, Yaris, Rav4, Celica & Tercel/Paseo vehicles

January 29, 2020

Toyota Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain Starlet, Yaris, Rav4, Celica & Tercel/Paseo vehicles. The number of affected vehicles in Ireland are as follows:


Starlet – 2,432

Yaris – 1,872

Rav 4 – 99

Celica – 35

Tercel/Paseo – 4


The vehicles in question were produced between Dec 1997 to Aug 1999.

Toyota Ireland has identified that, in relation to front driver airbag inflators fitted to the affected vehicles, “the propellant in some of the involved inflators may absorb moisture over time, which Takata believes is related to the foil seal of the inflator.  The absorption of moisture into the propellant over time could lead to slow deployment or inflator rupture in situations where the airbags are commanded to deploy.  The potential for such abnormal deployment scenarios to occur may require or be exacerbated by other factors and variables beyond propellant moisture absorption and are not yet fully understood by Takata or Toyota.  If an abnormal deployment of the driver airbag occurs, this could increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash.  The likelihood of such an occurrence in the subject vehicles is unknown, but, out of an abundance of caution, Toyota is submitting this report.”


What to do:

Toyota Ireland will contact all affected vehicle owners and advise them to have the involved parts inspected and replaced if necessary.


To check if your vehicle is affected, please visit

Here you can book your vehicle in online with your nearest Toyota Dealer or Authorised Repairer.


Alternatively you can also contact your nearest Toyota Dealer or Authorised Repairer directly or contact Toyota Ireland on 01 4190200.

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