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Subaru Ireland Limited recalls certain passenger vehicles

March 6, 2020

Subaru Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain Impreza, XV, Forester and Crosstrek models of passenger vehicles. The vehicles affected were produced between 2017 and 2020.

A safety issue has been identified, whereby due to improper Engine Control Module (ECM) programming, under certain circumstances, the ignition coil may be energized longer than designed after the engine is OFF. If the ignition coil remains energised for a long time, the internal temperature of the ignition coil may increase which could cause a short circuit.

This recall affects 129 vehicles in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do:

Subaru Ireland will be writing directly to those consumers affected by this recall to arrange to have the vehicle inspected and parts replaced where necessary.

The letter will advise vehicle owners to contact their nearest Subaru Dealer. Subaru Ireland can be contacted on: 01-4033969 or 1850585858, or alternatively by email to

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