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Soft filled toy with LED lights recalled

March 5, 2020

A voluntary recall of a soft filled toy with LED lights is being carried out. This product was sold by a number of sellers on

The soft filled teddy bear available in different colours with LED lights was packaged in translucent plastic packaging with a white sticker marked G97903 0999//1/NO

This plush toy presents multiple non-compliances:

  • The handle of the zipper and the nose of the plush teddy bear can be easily detached generating small parts.
  • When opening the zipper on the back of the stuffed animal, the inner mechanism is accessible and fragments of the cables, parts of the LEDs and the glue of the LEDs can be easily detached. A young child may choke on these small parts when putting them into the mouth.
  • Furthermore, the electric cable in the inner of the toy is accessible and can be completely pulled out. This cable with a length of 1440mm (whereas 220mm are allowed) has a big potential to entangle around the neck of a small child and is thus posing a strangulation risk.
  • The stuffing material is accessible when the zipper is opened and via an opening of the seams which are not withstanding the tension test.
  • The lid of the battery compartment can be opened without the use of a tool or without performing two independent movements.
  • The interior of the battery compartment contains metallic connections for the batteries which can be easily detached generating small parts with sharp edges.
  • The springs inside the battery compartment also detach easily generating small parts with sharp points. A young child may choke and/or suffer injuries when putting these small parts into its mouth.
  • There is a chemical risk due to the presence of phthalates: the plastic coatings of the electric wires (which are accessible in this toy) contain the phthalates DEHP, DIBP and DINP. These phthalates may harm the health of children by causing possible damage to their reproductive system.

What to do:

Ebay has requested that sellers contact affected buyers in order to recall the product.

If you believe that you may have purchased this product, then please discontinue use immediately and keep it out of the reach of children.

You can contact the seller directly, alternatively, you may wish to contact ebay on 1890 944 222 or through their online contact form at

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