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Smyths Toys recalls ‘Furious Challenger Electric Power Road Racing Set’

February 16, 2018

Image 1: Furious Challenger Electric Power Road Racing Set

Smyths Toys is carrying out a voluntary recall of toy product ‘Furious Challenger Electric Power Road Racing Set’.

An issue has been established and has been described as follows: “Smyths Toys has been made aware of several incidents (6 in total) regarding the plug/charger on this toy. In some occasions, the plug was smoking/melting/exploding when in use. No injuries or property damages were reported”.

This product has been on sale in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom in various Smyths Toys outlets. This recall affects batch number ‘1706’ only, with approximately 4158 units impacted.

What to do:

First, you should identify the batch number of your product (See Image 2 below). If your product is from the affected batch (number ‘1706’), then you should stop using the product immediately. Return the product and packaging to a Smyths Toys store. The retailer will be aware of the recall and a refund will be offered. If you purchased this product online, you can call Smyths Toys customer service on (091) 336 890 or alternatively complete the online contact form available at:

Image 2: Where to find the product batch number

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