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Seminar on implications of new EU Toy Safety Directive

August 4, 2010

Invitation to toy manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers

The National Consumer Agency in association with Toy Industries Europe and Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, European Commission invites Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Retailers and other interested parties to a seminar on 6 October 2010 (venue to be decided), to explain the requirements of the the new EU Toy Safety Directive.

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If you are interested in attending please send an email with your name, title, company name, and contact details to or contact Niamh Martin at +353 1 4025550.

Expressions of interest should be sent as soon as possible but not later than 27 August.

About the Directive

The new Toy Safety Directive:

  • Substantially amends the old Directive across virtually all safety aspects
  • Imposes higher health and safety standards
  • Improves the existing rules for the marketing of toys that are produced in and imported into the EU in view to reducing toy related accidents and achieving long-term health benefits

The general provisions of the new Toy Safety Directive will be applicable to all toys placed on the market as of 20 July 2011, while the chemical provisions will be applicable to toys placed on the market as of 20 July 2013.

The new Toy Safety Directive provides for:

  • A general ban on carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) substances in toys, other than for low concentrations of specific substances which have previously been permitted by legislation. In certain cases, where no alternative substance is available, the Directive provides for a scientific assessment process to authorise the use of such CMR substances
  • A number of fragrances and substances which provoke allergies are now prohibited from use in toys. A further set of such substances and fragrances may only be used when appropriate warnings are included on the packaging
  • Several provisions on chemical substances in toys, consistent with the recent REACH Regulation which governs the use of chemicals in the Single Market
  • Rules for toys in food are introduced, such that toys which cannot be accessed without consuming the food itself are banned. Toys must be packaged so that they are separated from the food, and that packaging should present no choking hazard
  • The new Directive strengthens the rules on choking to cover small parts in toys intended to be put in the mouth for example, musical instruments intended for older children
  • Strengthened rules on suffocation hazards will apply to all toys, not just those intended for young children (under 36 months)
  • Warning messages, such as minimum or maximum ages for use, are to be made more apparent. In particular, prospective purchasers should be able to see all relevant warnings easily, to help them decide whether a product is appropriate for the child concerned before buying

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