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ScrewFix Issue Safety Notice regarding LAP LED Floodlights

February 13, 2019

The notice concerns the models

SKU Description Model Number
604CC LAP LED Floodlight 10W L3291-B
138CC LAP LED Floodlight 20W L3292-B
665CC LAP LED Floodlight 30W L3293-B
901CC LAP LED Floodlight 50W L3295-B
767CC LAP LED PIR Floodlight 10W L3291S-B
122CC LAP LED PIR Floodlight 20W L3292S-B
180CC LAP LED PIR Floodlight 30W L3293S-B
458CC LAP LED PIR Floodlight 50W L3295S-B


There were 488 Floodlights spread among all the models listed, sold to 279 customers on the Irish market.

What to do:

All customers have been contacted via email on the email addresses they used to open their accounts with, and provided a copy of the Safety Notice letter and addendum instructions.  In the event of any query please contact ScrewFix Customer Care




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