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Safety warning on Thermia Heat pumps

December 14, 2012

If you have had a Thermia Heat pump, (models 1050 and 1550), supplied by Energy Superstore Limited (formerly Heatlink Limited) installed between 2003 and 2012 please read the following advisory notice.

The National Consumer Agency has been advised that two incidents have recently occurred, each involving a fire associated with a Thermia heat pump.  No individuals were injured and no significant property damage occurred.

In order to avoid any possible fire hazard please immediately switch your heat pump to electric heat mode. Follow the instructions below to change the operating mode on the Heat

Pump from “AUTO” to “ADD.HEAT”:

  1. Press the right key once to select the main “Information” menu. The cursor will highlight the menu selection “Operation”.
  2. Select this by pressing the right key once. The cursor will highlight the operating mode that was used last (Auto).
  3. Press the down key to scroll down to “ADD.HEATER”.
  4. Press the left key twice to return to the operating mode.
  5. The new settings are now complete, to control that you have done the setting correctly check the main menu. The main menu should display the text “Operation ADD.HEATER” and you will also have an electrical symbol on the screen.

Danfoss Värmepumpar AB, the manufacturers of the Thermia heat pumps is carrying out a programme of corrective action and will follow up with end users in due course.

Please telephone the Danfoss helpline on +46 70 399 57 57 or + 46 76 764 77 07 or email or with any queries. If you would prefer for Danfoss to call you please send an SMS or email to its helpline.


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