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Renault recalls Twingo

May 3, 2017

Renault Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain models of the Twingo manufactured between 7/5/14 – 6/7/15 (0CHD) and 7/5/14 – 10/12/16 (0CHE).

Two operations are required:

1) 0CHD – The upper part of the bonnet (the bonnet skin) may detach from the rest of the bonnet due to poor adhesive being applied at the factory and deterioration over time. Although there would be no obvious signs to the customer the risk is increased due to driving over 55mp/h, high temperatures or due to the bonnet not being closed correctly.

2) 0CHE – The outer part (skin) of the rear spoiler may detach from the vehicle and /or the pins on the glass tailgate. There would be no warning to the customer. However the possibility is increased due to the use of car washes.

There are 136 of these vehicles on the Irish market (0CHD and 0CHE = 123 ; 0CHE only = 13).

What to do:

Letters will be sent by Renault to owners of affected vehicles and customers will be asked to arrange an appointment to have the car repaired at an authorised service agent. This repair will be free of charge. Customers can also call Renault’s Low-call number 1890 771 771 for more details.

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