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Recall of Tesco Rapid Boil Kettle

July 11, 2013

Tesco is recalling the Tesco Rapid Boil Kettle. The bottom of the kettle may detach from the kettle body presenting a risk of burning/scalding to the user.

Tesco rapid boil kettle

This kettle was on sale in Tesco in May and June 2013.  Only units of model JKRBP12 with the batch code 130309 are affected.

Customers can identify the model and batch code from the rating plate on the bottom of the kettle and on the bottom of the base unit.

No other Tesco kettle batches or models are affected by this recall.

What to do:

If you have one of these kettles stop using it immediately and return it to the any Tesco store for a full refund. No receipt is required.

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