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Product Safety Information Notice regarding irradiated products

May 11, 2022

A safety issue has been identified with a number of wearable health products in the shape of bracelets, sleep masks and necklaces.

Fig 1. Energy Armor Sleep Mask

Fig 2. Basic Nero Bracelet

Fig. 3 Energy Armor Athlete Necklace

Fig.4 Energy Armor Black Super Bracelet

Fig.5 Magnetix sportboost bracelet

Fig. 6. Quantum pendant

The risk associated with the product is that of radiation, the products have low levels of radiation that may cause the user harm over prolonged use.

What to do:

The CCPC has confirmed that 1 of the Magnetix products, the sportboost bracelet, was purchased by an Irish consumer, however as these products were available to purchase online they may have been purchased by other Irish consumers. If you purchased one of these products, please discontinue use immediately and store away in a safe place.

Please contact the EPA at (053) 916 0600 for instructions on how to dispose of the product.

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