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Product Safety Information Notice on Luclay bathtub Toys sold on the eBay platform

April 13, 2023

A safety issue has been identified with Luclay bathtub Toys sold on the eBay platform:







The product presents a risk of suffocation. The product’s blue spoon does not have any opening, divider or scalloped edge pattern and therefore presents a suffocation hazard because the spoon may form an airtight seal over the mouth and nose.

The brand is Luclay. The batch number, barcode and model number are unknown. The eBay product ID is 403752105291.

The product was sold online through the eBay platform.

What to do:

If you purchased one of these products, please discontinue use immediately, discard the product and keep it out of the reach of children. You may wish to contact the eBay seller to see if there are any remedies available to you. This can be done via your user account on eBay.

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