Product recalls

Peugeot recalls 3008 II and 5008 II.

September 28, 2017

Peugeot Ireland is carrying out a voluntary recall of certain 3008 II  and 5008 II motor vehicles.

For the 3008 II, this recall affects vehicles manufactured: between 5 April 2016 and 17 July 2017;

For the 5008 II, this recall affects vehicles manufactured: between 6 September 2016 and 11 July 2017.

The risk identified with these vehicles is the starter-motor supply terminal may come into contact with an engine component when there is considerable movement of the engine. In the long term, this could lead to damage to the supply terminal and to a short circuit.  There is a risk that it may be impossible to start the vehicle or that the starter motor may be damaged by overheating.

There are only 53 vehicles in Ireland affected by this recall.

What to do

Peugeot Ireland will be writing directly to those consumers affected by this recall to contact their nearest Peugeot Dealer, in order to, arrange a free of charge repair for their vehicle. Consumers may also contact Peugeot Ireland directly by telephone on (01) 409 2400.

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