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Opel recalls certain Crossland X passenger vehicles

September 27, 2019

A voluntary recall is being carried out by Opel Automobile Ireland Limited of certain Crossland X passenger vehicles.

There is a risk, in a very small number of vehicles equipped with the 1.2 litre naturally aspirated gasoline engine, that the lambda control may not work correctly, which may result in a NOx limit exceedance.

The vehicles in question were manufactured between 30 June 2018 and 20 March 2019.

This recall affects 198 vehicles in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do:

Opel Automobile Ireland Limited will contact owners of the affected vehicles.

If you believe that your vehicle may be impacted by this recall, you can contact your local Opel dealer or alternatively Opel’s customer care on 01 5339818 or on the following web form.

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