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Opel Automobile Ireland Ltd recalls certain Zafira-C passenger vehicles

September 18, 2019

Opel Automobile Ireland Ltd is carrying out a voluntary recall of ‘Zafira-C’ vehicles. The vehicles in question were manufactured between November 2011 and December 2017. There are 686 vehicles affected in the Irish market.

Opel Automobile Ireland Ltd has established that as a result of a production error, the roof rail is weaker than it should be, meaning that, in the event of a rear collision, any objects secured there could fall from the vehicle.

What to do:

Opel Automobile Ireland Ltd will contact vehicle owners and Authorised Repairers will be requested to check and if necessary replace the fixed roof luggage carrier rails.

If you believe that your vehicle may be impacted by this recall, then you can contact your local Opel dealer or alternatively Opel’s customer care on 01 533 9818 or on the following web form.

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