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Neptune (Europe) Ltd recalls ‘Milton Desk Lamp’

October 29, 2020

Neptune (Europe) Ltd is carrying out a voluntary recall of its Milton Desk Lamp product. Affected products were sold in Neptune stores and via the Neptune website.

A safety issue has been identified whereby it is possible that due to the repeated use of the product, the wires and insulation material may become damaged. This may cause the protective sleeve to wear away and the live wire to come into contact with the metal casing. As a result, an electric shock risk cannot be ruled out.

The brand of this product is ‘Neptune’ and the lamp model is MIL-LAM-DES-NI. The product is described as a metal desk-top reading lamp with adjustable arm and square base.

The recall affects approximately 12 units in the Republic of Ireland.

What to do:

Neptune (Europe) Ltd will directly contact all affected customers to inform them about this recall. Neptune have also highlighted the recall on their social media and in store.

If you believe that you have purchased this product then you should stop using it immediately. You should return the product to the retail outlet from where you purchased it. Neptune (Europe) Ltd can be contacted by email to or alternatively, by completing the following online form.

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